If you are anything like me then I’m sure that anything coated in ankara catches your eye. Well, on to today’s post.. Ankara Pouches/Clutch bags are creeping in way too fast. I mean why wouldn’t they?? They are chic yet unique in every bit. I am not really a label kind of gal, so carrying around a pouch with no nametag on it makes me feel 90% more unique on the streets ๐Ÿ˜Š, but don’t get me wrong i still would carry a Labelled designer pouch.IMG_20181228_182303

So, today’s outfit is simple yet one of my favorite color combinations. First things first,I Love BLACK.Yess that had to be in bold coz more posts with me in black will be up soon so don’t get tired fast. Blue is one chill color that helps tone things down yet give a feeling of calmness. Black gives the vote of confidence, yet blue comes in to calm down your nerves.IMG_20181228_183441


I am one gal who is crazy about Kimonos. I have written previously about them. Well they never go out of style and an easy way to dress up that top down black outfit is by having a bold colored cover up /kimono.For short sleeved cover ups, long sleeved tops are ideal and vice versa.IMG_20181228_181959


Black.. I think i should just write a post about wearing black. Well black never goes wrong. Let me talk about the pants. I like to Choose from a variety from jeans to leather type to official fabric. It’s been a while since the leather kind of pants have been on trend, so i just decided to pull out this one from my archives. IMG_20181231_001353Make sure the weather is ideal for the leather pants. I mean don’t wear it when it’s too hot and sunny lest you start sweating and burning up. But mind you they are very comfortable.


Shoes… They say shoes make the entire outfit. I will not argue with that, so i decided to wear a navy blue gladiator heel which has become my favorite pair. IMG_20181231_001311For shoes i can only advice on wearing something comfortable and that blends in with your outfit. I had to look for something to break the top down black.. So i thought why not navy blue which is alao nearer to my cover up and pouch..? Anyway avoid too many colors that are far from each other.IMG_20181228_182355

To wrap it up, always wear what you feel comfortable in, keeping in mind that fashion is just for a season but Style is eternal.. Stay classy yet Simple.

Ankara Pouch designed and made by @graceceror

Kimono designed by @graceceror

Photocredits by @kidienyongesa @kidie_photography


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