Hello people. . Yass.. It’s 2019,everyone is feeling optimistic and excited about it,I bet 2018 gave y’all a piece of it’s mind. Well in as much as 2018 seemed to be a tough year, it was also one  year  full of many lessons.To start with,the most valuable lesson i learned  was‘If You wanna do Something, just do It. We get satisfaction from doing what Makes us happy.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

I could write a whole book about my experiences in 2018 but before i do, can we just jump right ahead and talk about one of the most amazing things that i began doing in 2018. photography.. To be specific👇🏾


Who even knew this could be a thing?I know most just think this looks lame, like we all have phones and take photos all the time. But lame or not  it has become ‘my thing’. This means that i don’t just take pictures for the sake. I have to be really excited about what I’m taking and i do it professionally..😊

Image courtesy of Pinterest 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, i wouldn’t really know how true this is, but all i know is that:Every photo one takes whether with a phone or Camera, it has to be something worth telling a story.. Or captures a moment that’s long gone. This has become my most exciting thing to do. Well, it’s all about doing what you love right  .. I guess that’s the best therapy of all time.

Phone photography pictures of flames of fire. 


📸Shot and edited by @graceceror

Location :Kapsabet, Nandi Kenya.

Images courtesy of Pinterest.

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