They say that what you wear simply explains who you are.. ๐Ÿค” Confusing.. Well Isn’t it funny that as we grow older, we start appreciating our cultures and heritage more and more.?

Each day is a page in your fashion story.

2019 sure feels like a good year. It’s every woman’s dream to look good. Not for show off but for yourself. Well here is something that’s going to pimp that closet and make it more stylish..(A combination of a unique Bomber jacket and A kiondo bag plus plain white rubber shoes)

Fashion may fade, but style remains forever.

Well Today’s read is all about incorporating this unique bomber jacket with a hand woven kiondo.

ยฐFull Outfit Look- Maasai Shuka bomber jacket, orange vest, Black Pants, White Bata ngoma and Hand wooven Kiondo.

Full outfit

*Bomber Jacket

Dress in what makes you feel happy.
Bold looks require confidence.

Bombers.. Whats comes in mind after hearing this name..? I’m pretty sure nothing close to the maasai shuka prints come in mind. Bombers are classy and unique. Both african print and Jungle green look. But now imagine it in something extra ordinary the maasai shuka print. Ain’t that unique and stylish too? Well get yourself a customized bomber one for you and for your loved ones.

*Wooven Kiondo

She believed she can, and so she did.

There is just something about our grandma’s wooven viondos. They have made a very quick move and are creeping way to fast into kenyas’no one fashion trend. They are simple, stylish and unique. Very noticeable.

They come in various shapes and can be customized as either sling bags or handbag sizes.

Get yourself the two and I’m pretty sure it will be one amazing upgrade in your closet.

Customized sling kiondo bag

Style comes from within, always wear what you are comfortable in.

Style is eternal and comes from within..

My outfit is designed by @graceceror the bomber jacket and kiondo.

Shoes-Bata Ngoma from Bata Shops.


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