#5VEAT4.. (Verse5ve) ; {Representing Gospel Hiphop}

Heellooo people...  Once more the groove is on, Bigger and Better.  VERSE5VE is here,  representing Gospel Hiphop to the fullest for 4 years now. If its yourfirst time, well lemmi break it down for you. #5VEAT4   is simply Verse5ve at 4 years. It takes an amazing team led by Gods' Grace, patience and Wisdom to reach this … Continue reading #5VEAT4.. (Verse5ve) ; {Representing Gospel Hiphop}

BOUT THAT LIFE.. (Romans 12:1)

Hey people, been long since  i lasted  posted.. but well hope you enjoy the read.. In a predominantly secular society, trying to hold on to Biblical perspective can be so challenging. We at one point undergo through various struggles and temptations, as youths in this century. Christianity can be hard especially if it's something you … Continue reading BOUT THAT LIFE.. (Romans 12:1)